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Kenya - AB Kaguyu


Kenya - AB Kaguyu


Bærtype: Ruiru 11, SL-34, SL-28

Prosess: Vasket

Høyde: 1660 moh

Fantastisk kompleks kombinasjon av krydder og urter med søt frukt og forfriskende lime-aktig syrlighet.


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Kaguyu Factory is managed by Naftari Mwai, he takes great pride in the coffee that they produce here. They receive coffee from farmers in the seven surrounding villages. This Kaguyu lot has been admired by many around the cupping table, with a surgery mouth feel and intense blackberry jam.

Kaguyu Factory (washing station) is part of the Inoi Farmers Co-operative Society. Kaguyu collects cherries from about 1023 smallholders although on paper there are 1423 members, with an average of 0,4 hectares of coffees. The factory occupies 7 acres of land and was established in 1962, here they receive cherry from the surrounding villages; Kithioro, Mukithi, Waigiri, Ndundu, Kiarithe and Kiimiri.

The factory is well managed, the managers name is Naftari Mwai. He along with 4 permanent staff members and a number of casuals that vary from season to season. This will depend on the level of production in the given season. The permanent staff are responsible for weighing the incoming cherry deliveries from farmers, ensuring that the cherry are well sorted before being added to the hooper, for selection and grading of the coffee throughout the processing, and for paying and addressing member farmers complaints.

The Kaguyu factory sits at an altitude of 1663m, the farms surrounding the factory that deliver cherry here will be within a similar range. The soil in this area is red, and here there is moderate bimodal rainfall that amounts to 1400mm annually, with temperatures between 13 – 25 degrees Celsius.