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Brasil - Fazenda Progresso


Brasil - Fazenda Progresso


Bærtype: Red Catuai, Catuai, Yellow Bourbon

Prosess: Pulped natural

Høyde: 1180 moh

Mørkbrent for deg som liker kaffen litt kraftigere... 

Søt og fyldig kaffe med innslag av karamell og tropisk frukt.

Passer også fint som espresso. 


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Progresso is a fairly well known farm from the Bahia region of Brazil.

What has been so interesting about Progresso is how even though their focus has been producing bigger volumes, the younger generation of the Borré family have been experimenting with different methods to improve quality. In particular, they have built an area for drying cherry under shade that is closely temperature monitored.

Fazenda Progresso is a family run farm owned by the Borré family, that was established in 1984 but didn’t start growing coffee until 2005. It is situated on the Diamantina Plateau, which is a region of Bahia that sits high above the surroundings. The farm is at an altitude of between 1100 and 1180 meters above sea level, and is 22,000 hectares in total. Only 700 hectares is currently being cultivated for coffee.

They are growing Red Cataui and Yellow Topázio and processing washed, pulped natural and natural coffees.

The harvest in this area runs from June through to September, and currently the farm is producing 20,000 bags of green coffee a year.

The farm is managed with great care towards the quality of their production, hence 60-70% of the picking is done manually by casual labourers. The emphasise throughout the processing is to maintain and enhance the original characteristics of the coffee.

Although they are processing washed, pulped natural and natural coffees here, this lot is pulped natural meaning the cherry are pulped and then dried.

The pulped cherry are dried on patio’s, where they are constantly raked to expose all the cherry equally to the sun.