Etiopia - Hunkute #3 Organic

Etiopia - Hunkute #3 Organic


Bærtype: Heirloom

Prosess: Vasket

Høyde: 2000 moh

Lett og delikat.

Herlig juicy sitrus!

Denne kaffen er organisk!


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This coffee is sourced and imported by Nordic Approach. Here’s some information from their website:

This coffee is from Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU). The cooperative supports more than 50 washing stations with technical support and finance. Hunkute is one of them, and among our favorite cooperative washing stations in Ethiopia. It is located in the Wonsho woreda, close to Yirgalem town in Sidama. There are two washing stations under the same management. The first was established in 1997, and the second site was built in 2010. Coffees from both sites are marketed as Hunkute and sold through the SCFCU who are also responsible for the dry milling, grading, bagging and export. They have a newly built warehouse and dry mill in the outskirts of Addis to better control their supply chain and qualities.

Daily, the wet mill receives daily deliveries of cherries from approximately 1900 smallholder farmers in the area. Farms here are less than 1ha in size. Most coffees are organic by default. Organic compost is common, pruning less common. A typical farmer will have fewer than 1500 trees per hectare, and one tree produces cherries equal to 100 - 200 grams of green coffee.

This coffee is a mix of local varieties included a local cultivar called Sedancho. These varieties are mixed with native coffee of forest origin transferred to family smallholder plots. These varieties are referred to collectively as Ethiopian Heirloom, which is a myriad of local native Typica hybrids and new improved varieties based on the old strains.