Brasil - Diquinho Santa Lucia #8

Brasil - Diquinho Santa Lucia #8


Bærtype: Acaia

Prosess: Natural

Høyde: 1300 moh

Rund og søt.

Smak av nøtter, kakao og sjokolade.

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We are very excited about the Diquinho coffee from Fazenda Santa Lucia this year.

Santa Lucia is one of several farms owned by Antonio Wander Garcia and his wife. The farm was purchased in 1994, and has evolved into a family project with the whole family working together with the employees of the farm to create this very special coffee.It is their son André Luiz, along with the manager of the farm, Diquinho, who has been overseeing the particular prep for this lot. Diquinho has been working with the family for many years and cares for the farm as if it was his own.

That is why we decided to name this lot Diquinho, in honour of his work in creating this coffee.

The farm covers 123 hectares, ranging in altitude from 950 to 1300 meters above sea level. 30 hectares of which are used for cultivating coffee. The farm produces an average of 1000 bags. They are growing red and yellow Catuai, yellow Catucai, Mundo Novo and Acaiá and naturally processing their coffee.

The cherries are handpicked and “naturally processed”. This process gives you a sweeter coffee because of sugar migration from the pulp into the beans. The coffees are picked when evenly ripe, and hand sorted for over and under ripe cherries before dried on patio. They continue picking out all the defected coffee cherries they can find during the drying period.